Oct 16, 2022Liked by Val Ross

So sad to read this heart-breaking news, Val.

Condolences to you and the Family.

Annie's Adventures and photo diary has been a joyful part of my day, I'll miss her too.

So sorry for your loss.

Love, Dave

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Oct 15, 2022Liked by Val Ross

So, so sorry for this loss. She seemed like such a sweetheart. I love seeing your photographs, and knowing how very adventurous and exciting her short life was with you. You were mutually lucky to have one another. Hugs.

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I am so sorry for your loss, Aunt Val! It was so sudden, and so soon after losing Chessie.

I hope the information from the test results will help answer some of your questions.

I'm in the middle of the neuro block and we've covered the brainstem. It plays an important role in the neural pathway, the way you describe.

I'm sorry for your loss and I hope you can move on from the pain of this loss, and all the questions. I know Annie was well-loved and cared for. You even had a contingency plan for her! That's so thoughtful. I hope she enjoyed the months she had with you as much as you guys did. She was blessed.

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